history & mission
luther house history & mission

In the late 1980's, the Social Ministry Committee of St. Michael Lutheran Church Unionville, PA began discussing the issue of affordable senior housing in Southern Chester County. In the early 1990's members of the church congregation began a detailed study of the subject and determined that subsidized senior housing was sorely needed in this area.

In a great leap of faith, 18 acres of land were purchased in Jennersville in 1998 with loans from private individuals. The first funding application was submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in July of 1998. In December, notification was received that HUD had granted $5.4 million for construction of the 68-unit, three-story Luther House I building and $1.5 million for rental subsidies. HUD stated that the vision of building a campus-like facility was an excellent example of good development. The groundbreaking ceremony occurred in November of 1999 at the same time the application for a second, identical building was approved by HUD. November of 2000 was the groundbreaking for Luther House II.

The Jennersville area was quickly becoming an ideal location for senior housing. With a nearby YMCA, construction for a shopping center, and a hospital with associated medical offices located less than a mile from the housing; the location was perfect for seniors wishing to remain active in the community.

luther house history & mission

In 2001, the first residents began moving into Luther House I and it was fully occupied by July, 2001. Luther House II was fully occupied by the end of March, 2002.

In July 2003, an application was submitted to HUD for a four-story, 76-unit, third building. This was the largest HUD award granted in Pennsylvania in 2003. Luther House III was completed in September, 2006.

In June 2006, an application was submitted to HUD for a fourth and final building. Luther House IV was completed and ribbon-cutting was held on December 14, 2008.

Luther House's Mission: Provide affordable senior housing in a decent, safe and nourishing community.

Without grants from HUD, Luther Foundation of Southern Chester County, The Longwood Foundation, Crystal Trust, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Chester County Department of Community Development, and private foundations; and without the support of the Penn Township Supervisors, the Luther House campus would never have become a reality. The involvement of federal, state, and private organizations (managed by the all-volunteer group from St. Michael Lutheran Church, Unionville, PA) serves as an example of cooperation in addressing a significant social concern in Southern Chester County.