Donate to Luther House

Luther House is funded by rental payments from the residents and subsidized payments from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Although these payments generally allow operations to run smoothly, there are opportunities for the community to donate resources that will enhance the quality of living for the residents.

Luther House accepts donations of many kinds. Members of the community have donated such physical items as pianos or exercise equipment. These types of gifts are items that residents enjoyed when living in a larger residence but because of downsizing had to leave behind.

Many volunteers share their expertise and talents with the residents by giving lectures on topics of interest, teaching a class, or helping in the garden. If you would like to explore these and other opportunities please contact the Director of Resident Services for more information.

Finally gifts of money are also appropriate as often the budget does not support extra expenses. All monetary donations are tax deductible when made to the Luther Foundation of Southern Chester County or designated to the Foundation through the United Way. For more information on how to make a monetary gift, please contact the President of the Foundation at 610-869-4240.